Miss Cleo — For Psychic Friends Only … No Makeup, Mon!



0923_miss_cleo-2Miss Cleo‘s famous image and accent got jacked by a makeup company before her death … according to her old pals at the Psychic Readers Network. 

The PRN filed a lawsuit against Benefit Cosmetics for hawking makeup products with the help of Youree Harris, who played Cleo. According to docs, Harris was hired in March 2015, and Benefit created a Cleo doppelganger for its promos. 

PRN says Harris not only acted just like Miss Cleo in the spots, but one of them was titled “Flawless Friends Network” … an obvious rip-off, they say.

Harris died in July, which was right around the same time Psychic Readers says it found out about Benefit’s Miss Cleo-esque campaign.

Ironically, it took more than a year for a network of psychics to figure this out. Still, they want Benefit Cosmetics to kill all the ads and fork over the money they made off the “Cleo” campaign.


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