Michael Bisping Says GSP's 'Out of His F'ing Mind' … I'll Smash Him (VIDEO)


3/2/2017 6:49 AM PST


Michael Bisping says Georges St-Pierre is straight-up CRAZY if he thinks he’ll be able to “stroll off the couch” after a 3 year break and beat him … adding, “The guy’s out of his f**king mind!” 

Bisping was extremely complimentary of GSP’s fighting skills — “He was one of the greatest fighters this world has ever produced” — but says the guy has no chance when they face off later this year. 

“The Count” also took some time to rip on Georges for once claiming he saw a UFO — “I think we can all agree that aliens don’t exist … this is proof, once again that GSP is out of his mind.”


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