Conor McGregor Goes Full Tupac In $750 Shoes (VIDEOS)


2/1/2017 7:30 AM PST

Somewhere in heaven (or Jamaica) Tupac is smiling … ’cause Conor McGregor is keeping his name alive by using a classic Pac line to swag up his $750 shoes.

The Notorious one posted a video to his snap of some adoring fans trying to get in his ride while he keeps the focus on his feet … which happen to be adorned in $750 Jimmy Choo “John” slippers.

How do we know they’re JC’s? Because Conor shouts it out saying, “The shoes are Jimmy Choo, and if you’re not down with Jimmy Choo, F*** YOU TOO.”

Of course, that’s a take on the classic line from “Hit ‘Em Up” where Pac gives the same option to those who want to be down with Bad Boy.

BTW … the fans love it, but who probably won’t is the guy who’s gonna have to detail the leather in Conor’s Rolls, which he’s DESTROYING with his shoes. Gotta love him.


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