Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Shop, And She's Wearing Nike!


Kylie Jenner

I’m on Team Travis

…. and Team Nike???

There’s zero doubt Kylie Jenner‘s fully behind her man Travis Scott … but surprisingly, the Adidas ambassador’s also kicking it with Nike.

Kylie and Travis were seen out shopping over the weekend in Bev Hills and appeared to be in great spirits. The rapper sported a huge grin on his face with Kylie in tow. It was just last month when we saw Kylie doing a little retail therapy … after you-know-what.

But, check out Kylie’s feet. She signed a lucrative deal with Adidas last August (after ditching Puma) but is seen rocking her rival’s main competitor.

The move comes on the heels of recently launching her latest collaboration … the “Reveal Your Voice” collection featuring a new colorway on the Adidas Falcon.

Worth noting … they’re both wearing Travis’ shoes, the Travis Scott x Jordan 1’s.

Business aside … it appears Kylie and Travis have handled their own personal business. We last saw them out grabbing some grub. They’ve since also gone on what Kylie dubbed “baecation” as all seems to be good in their neck of the woods.

Except THESE Woods.


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