'Crazy Rich Asians' Sequel Will Make Crazy Rich Singapore Crazy Richer


‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Sequel

Set to Make Crazy Rich Singapore

Crazy Richer

8/31/2018 12:40 AM PDT


If you think you’re excited about the inevitable sequel to “Crazy Rich Asians,” you’ve got nothing on Singapore … because its movie industry is poised to rake in a fortune from the next installment. 

A rep for the Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority tells TMZ the first film was a huge boon to the nation’s minuscule movie biz. Much of the flick — which was shot on a relatively small $30 million budget — was set in Singapore, and producers hired more than 300 local actors and crewmen to work on the flick.

Now — after banking close to $100 million at the box office in just the first three weeks — Warner Bros. is reportedly moving forward with a sequel likely based on the second book in author Kevin Kwan‘s trilogy, “China Rich Girlfriend.” CRG will no doubt command a budget many times larger than the original … meaning more actors, more crew and millions of more dollars for the Singaporeans involved in the film.  

It may not mean much to Singapore’s citizens as a whole — the seventh wealthiest nation in the world — but it’s pretty good for the island nation’s “industry” folks, who have reportedly supported a grand total of about 70 movies over the past twenty years.

It may be their time to get some crazy riches of their own.  


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