Annie Lennox Has Potential As Singer, Radio Station Claims


Annie Lennox

Radio Station Claims

She Has Potential as Singer

6/30/2017 10:01 AM PDT

Annie Lennox may get a huge break … a shot at actually getting one of her songs played on the radio!

This is hilarious. A chick named Kylie, who works for a radio station, sent Annie a letter which begins … “I came across your music on line and really like what I heard!”

Kylie, the New Music Coordinator for the station, went on, “I find artists who I think have potential and get them in rotation on our station. If you’d like, please send over the MP3 for your latest single,” adding, “I’ll forward it to Glenn our program director to see if he’s interested in putting it in rotation.”

Things actually turn a little weird, as the email continues … “We are connected to an artist development firm that can also get you onto 150 radio stations worldwide.”

Annie just posted a caution … “Whilst it’s obviously a bit of fun sharing the email I received telling me I had ‘potential’ sadly up and coming musicians are sent these kinds of scams every day.”

BTW, just a sample of the dozens of Annie Lennox/Eurythmics hits … “Walking on Broken Glass,” “Why,” “Sweet Dreams,” “Here Comes The Rain Again” …


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