Cardi B Performs in Central Park Without Duct-Taping Her Breasts


Cardi B

My Breasts are Duct-Tape Free!!!

9/30/2018 7:12 AM PDT


Cardi B revealed 2 important things to our photog Saturday night in NYC after rocking the Global Citizen Festival. She was scared to appear on stage, and her nipples were duct-tape free.

Cardi performed in front of a massive crowd in Central Park … her first U.S. performance since giving birth to her daughter, Kulture.

The reason, of course, for the duct-tape Q was a follow-up to her hysterical video in which she confessed she had to duct tape her breasts after giving birth.

Cardi also shared with us how she removes the duct-tape without injuring herself.

No doubt about it … she’s back. 


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