Drake 'Documentary' Not Drake Approved



Don’t Buy the Hype!

Not Involved with New Documentary

1/10/2018 11:16 AM PST


Drake‘s Houston team has a warning for fans about a new documentary on his rise to fame — they have absolutely nothing to do with it, despite how it seems in a clip going viral.

The video was put together by a guy who goes by MarQuis Trill on Instagram, and he claims he’s produced a documentary called “Toronto to Houston” — featuring several Drake performances and interviews. MarQuis claims the film he directed and edited is coming out in the summer, and that Rap-A-Lot Records is down with the production.

We’re told that’s just not true. 

Our Drake sources say neither Jas Prince nor Drake participated in the documentary. Ditto for James Prince and anyone at Rap-A-Lot. We’re told all the interview clips used in the trailer were pulled from previously released productions.

Our sources also say MarQuis’ claim on Twitter that he’ll be shooting footage inside Drake’s new home in Toronto … is totally bogus. In this case … you really can’t believe the hype.


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