Elon Musk Drops SoundCloud Rap Song About Harambe


Elon Musk

Drops SoundCloud Rap Song

… ‘RIP Harambe’

3/31/2019 11:26 AM PDT

Elon Musk appears to have gone from tech titan to SoundCloud rapper overnight — assuming a goofy autotune track about Haramabe that he linked to is actually his doing.

The Tesla CEO tweeted out a SoundCloud song Saturday called “RIP Harambe,” which sent users to an SC page ran by “Emo G Records.” It’s unclear if it’s actually Elon’s page, or if it’s just something he stumbled upon, but he certainly made it seem he was behind it.

He wrote, “I’m disappointed that my record label failed.” As for the song itself … well, you gotta hear it to believe it. It’s an ode to the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla that was shot and killed in 2016 after a child fell into its cage. Harambe became meme fodder for a minute after that.

That minute has come and gone though, so it’s interesting that Elon (again, assuming he did this) focused the first song of his SoundCloud rap career on a years-old topic.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, Elon kept the meme jokes coming on Sunday … tweeting out a duck emoji — in reference to a 2018 meme about ranking emojis — and saying the detail in it far outweighed the clout of Emo G Records. 

Like entrepreneurs say — on to the next venture. Oh, and RIP Harambe … Emo G Records too, we suppose.


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