Mod Sun Worried His Nudes Might Get Out After Bella Thorne Got Hacked


Mod Sun

Bella Getting Hacked Scares Me

… Whoopi Has a Point!!!

6/20/2019 7:49 AM PDT


Mod Sun‘s been feeling uneasy ever since Bella Thorne got hacked because he thinks he might be next in line to have racy pics revealed … and says Whoopi Goldberg was right to criticize his ex-GF.

We got Bella’s ex heading into the Roxy late Wednesday night in WeHo … his takeaway from the situation — Thorne releasing topless photos on Twitter to beat a hacker to the punch — is that it sucks, and it’s got him worried.

Maybe not too much — Mod boldly says he feels pretty good about his nudes — but it’s easy to see he doesn’t want them to get out, and says he definitely wouldn’t have handled things like Bella did.

As we reported … the actress says she posted the pics to take back the power from her hacker, who she says was trying to extort her. Whoopi more or less shamed Bella on “The View” for taking nude photos in this day and age … and Thorne fired back in a series of emotional posts, blasting Goldberg for causing her more pain and anguish.

Mod seems to side with Whoopi, though and says he won’t be sending out crazy pics anymore.

Then he introduces us to his new lady friend, who won’t be getting Mod nudes.


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