The Weeknd Narrowly Avoids Being Hit by Falling Object from Stage


The Weeknd

Look Out Below

Narrowly Avoids Getting Hit By Stage Equipment

10/22/2018 4:52 PM PDT

The Weeknd avoided near disaster when an unsecured object fell from the top of a stage and landed just feet away from the singer. 

Abel posted a clip from his performance in Mexico City Sunday night that shows a piece of equipment come loose and drop to the ground. Unclear if the singer saw the object fall, but if he did, he didn’t flinch and continued to sing “Party Monster” like nothing happened.

A cause for the mishap is not yet known — but weather conditions were anything but ideal — it was very windy and poured rain most of the show.  

Abel is set to perform in Mexico City again Monday night and lucky for him, and the crowd, the forecast calls for clear skies … and hopefully no falling stage equipment either. 


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