Corinne Olympios Says Sacha Baron Cohen Interview Doesn't Prove She's a Liar


Corinne Olympios

Sacha Duped Me into ‘Grenade’ PSA

… I Just Wanted Out!

7/23/2018 11:28 AM PDT


Corinne Olympios says her interview with Sacha Baron Cohen — where she advocates grenades for kids — is no reflection on her character, instead it only proves he strong-arms folks into looking stupid.

The ‘Bachelor’ alum was fully duped on Sunday’s episode of Sacha’s show, “Who Is America?,” If you missed it … she made crazy claims about saving Ebola-afflicted people in Africa, and pitched a bogus ad endorsing kids being weaponized.

It was NOT a good look for Corinne, who seemed willing to say and do anything for a buck. It’s especially bad because Corinne was accused of lying during her ‘BiP’ controversy … but Corinne tells us it’s BS to conflate ‘Bachelor’ with what Sacha did to her. 

The TV star says she was essentially held hostage, separated from her phone and her manager. She says when she questioned the script, producers told her the sooner she finished … the sooner she could leave.


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