Kellyanne Conway's Couch Kneel is No Biggie, Says Oval Office Designer


2/28/2017 12:06 PM PST


Kellyanne Conway shouldn’t be crucified for getting casual in the Oval Office … at least according to the designer of the couch on which she knelt.

Interior designer Kenneth Blasingame — who styled George W. Bush‘s Oval Office — tells TMZ he’s nowhere near offended Kellyanne put her pumps all over his old boss’ couch … and neither should anyone else.

Blasingame says while he considers the space “sacred,” it doesn’t mean Kellyanne isn’t entitled to an informal moment there … since there’s been plenty in its long history.

Funny thing though … Kenneth tells us Bush ran a tight ship when it came to visitors in his Oval Office — i.e. no blue jeans, and suit jacket required.

But, when it comes to Kellyanne’s faux pas in front of reps from HBCU … BFD.


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