PGA's Pat Perez Loves Trump More Than In-N-Out, Let's Golf Together!


PGA Star Pat Perez

I’d Love To Golf With Donald Trump

He Called Me at In-N-Out!!!

2/14/2019 12:10 AM PST


Imagine you’re in line at In-N-Out … about to order a delicious double-double with fries and a shake — and all of a sudden, you get a call from Donald Trump!!!  


That’s exactly what happened to PGA Tour pro Pat Perez during Trump’s presidential campaign — and you bet your sweet ass he took that call!!! Here’s how Pat’s wife, Ashley, describes it: 

“So [Trump’s] assistant was like, ‘Mr. Perez, Donald Trump would like to speak to you. Are you available?’ And he’s like, ‘SH*T YES! I’m available!'”

Turns out, Perez — who has 3 PGA Tour wins under his belt — is a HUGE Trump supporter and while they’ve hung out in person before, they’ve never golfed together. 

“I’d love to play with him,” Perez told us while smokin’ ciggies outside Craig’s with Ashley … “I’d love to get that chance.”

So, why the passion for Trump? 

“The one thing you can’t argue with Donald Trump, he loves America,” Pat says, “He loves America and I love America … and he’s our President. I mean, what are ya gonna do?”


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