President Trump Eclipses President Obama … in Corny Retweets


President Trump

I’m Really the Best

At Corny Twitter Jabs at Obama

8/24/2017 6:40 AM PDT

President Trump is a sucker … for 3-day-old Twitter memes … especially ones that proclaim him to have somehow eclipsed President Obama.

Early Thursday morning, as POTUS scanned his social media, he couldn’t resist retweeting a pic showing 45 eclipsing 44 with the caption, “The best eclipse ever.”

Truth is … the opposite image, in support of Obama, made the Internet rounds too. Again … THREE days ago.

Bottom line:
– Absurd use of the President’s time? Check
– Late jab? Check
– Ridiculously petty? Check 

Yeah. Someone definitely shoulda worn more appropriate eyewear during the actual eclipse.


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