Adrien Broner — Hints At $125k Settlement In Bowling Alley Beatdown


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0930_adrien-broner_tmzSeems boxing star Adrien Broner just blew the lid off his secret settlement with the victim in a bowling alley attack … hinting he paid the guy $125,000 to make the case go away. 

TMZ Sports broke the story … Broner was sued by a man who claims the boxer beat him down and robbed him outside of a Cincinnati bowling alley back in January. 

The accuser sued Broner in civil court and filed a police report — but both cases were dropped when the accuser decided to back off. 

But Broner has now strongly hinted why … MONEY! 

The boxer posted on Instagram early Friday morning to bitch about all of the problems in his life — and referenced a 6-figure settlement. 

“I gave a snitch n**ga 125k in a civil suit.”

Broner also noted that he paid his lawyers $150k … and “had to give the IRS 3.7 this year.”

BTW, we reached out to the IRS — but they couldn’t comment. 

Broner ended his rant saying, “But God blessed me with beautiful children and the talent to make all my problems go away so I’m GOOOOOOD.”



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