Allen Iverson Names His New 3-On-3 Team … SHOUT-OUT TO JOHN RITTER!


3/8/2017 7:21 AM PST


0308-allen-iverson-big3-tmz-2Allen Iverson has finally decided on a name for his 3-on-3 team in the Big 3 basketball league — “3’S COMPANY!”

The Answer will officially announce the name at a media event Wednesday morning — the logo and team colors will also be revealed shortly. 

As for Allen’s team, the draft is set for later this year and he’ll have some big names to choose from including Brian Scalabrine, Reggie Evans and Josh Childress and Iverson’s old running buddy, Larry Hughes. 

Some other team names in the 8-team league … 

— Tri-State (Jermaine O’Neal & Bonzi Wells’ team)

— Ghost Ballers (Mike Bibby’s team) 

— Trilogy (Kenyon Martin’s team)

— Killer 3s (Chauncey Billups’ team) 

— 3-Headed Monsters (Rashard Lewis’ team)



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