Amir Khan Says Viral Bottle Trick Video Is Real, Took Him An Hour To Do!


Amir Khan

Viral Bottle Trick Video Is Real …

Took Me An Hour To Do!!!

4/20/2019 12:10 AM PDT


Remember that insane video of Amir Khan chugging a protein shake and then juggling the bottle in midair with punches???

Yeah … dude says it was 100 percent real — telling TMZ Sports it took AN HOUR of practicing before he got it right!!!

The trick is wild … Khan tosses a plastic bottle in the air, hits it just right so it stays spinning … and then he keeps it in the air with punch after punch until he’s bored with it.

Khan tells us the trick ain’t easy to do … saying, “I was standing there for about an hour until I got it right!!”

In fact, Amir says it’s SO difficult, he’s only been able to do it twice since!!!

As for his upcoming mega-fight with Terence Crawford on Saturday night … Khan says he’s feeling extra motivated to get the win because he’s such a huge underdog.

And … if he does pull off the upset — Amir says he might just do the bottle trick as an in-ring celebration!!!


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