Christie Brinkley: Serena's Naked Photo Shoot Is Fire, 'I'd Be Honored to Work with Her'


Christie Brinkley

Serena’s Naked Photo Shoot Is Fire

‘I’d Be Honored to Work with Her’

6/30/2017 6:33 AM PDT


Legend respects legend.

Christie Brinkley just dropped some SERIOUS praise on Serena Williams — saying her nude, pregnant Vanity Fair cover is bomb as hell … and it would be an “honor” to work with her! 

The modeling icon turned business mogul couldn’t stop gushing over the photo — saying on a scale of 1 to 10, Serena’s pic was an 11, “Off the scale! She’s over-the-top amazing!” 

Wouldn’t be a terrible idea for these two to hang out — Brinkley used to her modeling cash to fund a real estate empire and reportedly built a fortune around $100 MILLION! 



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