Conor McGregor Buys Baller Bounce House For Baby


Conor McGregor

Buys Baller Bounce House

… For Baby Conor

5/16/2018 8:31 AM PDT

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He just turned 1 … but Conor McGregor Jr. already has his own house!!

Yeah, it’s a bouncy house … but it’s dope and it’s all set up at the UFC fighter’s massive Ireland estate. 

Conor Sr. is getting in some quality father-son time before he goes back to fighting … and it’s pretty cute. He even pushes the kid on a swing and CJ loves it. 

It’s a different side of Conor … much different than the raging maniac we saw in Brooklyn, when he went berserk on a UFC bus and injured several people. 

Makes you wonder if Conor … a master P.R. guy … is using social media to rehab his image, especially with criminal charges still looming in NY. 

If he does avoid jail time — next up is likely a date with Khabib Nurmagomedov … one of the most violent men on the planet. 

But until then … enjoy the family time! 


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