Conor McGregor Congratulates Becky Lynch, Teases Possible WWE Match


Conor McGregor

Congratulates Becky Lynch

… Teases Possible WWE Match

4/8/2019 6:14 AM PDT

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Conor McGregor was so impressed with Becky Lynch‘s victory over Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania … he might be one step closer to joining her in the ring. 

Lynch defeated Rousey and Charlotte Flair in the main event Sunday night — earning both the WWE Raw AND Smackdown belts … leading Conor to dub her the sport’s first “Champ Champ.”

“Congrats to Irelands Becky Lynch, the WWE’s first Champ Champ,” McGregor wrote.

“Wow! What a match these ladies put on! Ronda Rousey is something special in that ring, as is Charlotte Flair of the Flair dynasty!”

That’s when the tease came … 

“Stephanie McMahon you are right, I could not do what these athletes do. Or could I… “

McGregor hasn’t exactly had the best relationship with WWE — in 2016, he went off on a bunch of the wrestlers as “p**sies” who could never win a real fist fight. 

“For the most part, those WWE guys are p**sies,” McGregor said at the time … “They’re messed up p**sies if you ask me.”

He did, however, praise Vince McMahon and Triple H at the time. 

So, will he or won’t he???

We recently shot Steph McMahon who told us she would love to sign Conor to a WWE contract … if he’s serious about wanting to get in the ring. 

Conor’s future seems to be a mystery — he “retired” from MMA in a tweet last month … but then told Khabib Nurmagomedov he would see him back in the Octagon

Bottom line … we’d bet it’s only a matter of time before Conor crosses over. 


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