Dallas McCarver 911: 'There's Something In His Throat'


Dallas McCarver 911

‘There’s Something In His Throat’

8/23/2017 8:45 AM PDT


TMZ Sports has obtained the Dallas McCarver 911 call — made by a friend who found the 26-year-old bodybuilder passed out in his apartment … after apparently choking on food. 

The friend tried like hell to help McCarver — performing CPR and other lifesaving maneuvers — but he wasn’t able to bring him back. 

The friend says McCarver had been taking Insulin — and suggested he may have collapsed because of a medical condition related to the medicine, which usually treats diabetes. 

McCarver had collapsed onstage at a bodybuilding event back in March. It seems the friend believes McCarver may have experienced a similar situation while eating, which led to the fatal choking episode. 

McCarver was transported to a nearby hospital and was pronounced dead early Tuesday morning. 



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