Dean Cain Says Roger Goodell Doesn't Deserve $200 Mil


Dean Cain

Goodell Doesn’t Deserve $200 Mil

… The Dude Sucks

12/17/2017 12:15 AM PST


Dean Cain is giving Roger Goodell a Kryptonian kick right in the ass … telling TMZ Sports the commish’s PHAT new contract is money horribly spent, cause Goddell SUCKS at his job.

Roger is now SWIMMING in money … with the owners agreeing to extend his contract 5 years to the tune of a whopping $200 million.

Cain ripped into the new deal when we got him at LAX … saying Goodell has mismanaged huge issues like Ray Rice, Tom Brady, and Ezekiel Elliott, making the big money a big mistake.

Dean’s not the only one BTW … Jerry Jones is leading a faction of owners in open rebellion against Goodell, mostly due to a perceived failure to gain control of the kneeling protests by players.

We’d say it’s tough being Roger … BUT HE JUST GOT 200 MILLION DOLLARS. So there’s that.


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