Eric Karros Guarantees Dodgers Make Playoffs


Eric Karros

Guarantees Dodgers Make Playoffs

8/20/2018 2:56 PM PDT


It’s a tight race in the NL West … but Eric Karros says he’s 100% convinced the Dodgers will scrap together a late season push and make the playoffs. 

Also, he’s super biased. 

Karros — the L.A. Dodgers’ all-time home run leader — has been involved with the Dodgers organization since 1991. So, he bleeds Dodger Blue, but he also knows when a team is doomed.

So, with the Dodgers currently 1.5 games out of the NL Wild Card spot with only 37 games left in the season … and only winning 4 out of the last 10 games … we asked if it’s time to stick a fork in ’em.

EK is adamant the Dodgers will pull it together — they haven’t missed the playoffs since 2012 — and tells us he’s putting his faith in one man. 


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