Jon Jones Apologizes for Failed Drug Test, Swears He Didn't Cheat


Jon Jones

Apologizes for Failed Drug Test

… But I Didn’t Cheat!

12/24/2018 9:14 AM PST

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Once again, UFC superstar Jon Jones is apologizing for a failed drug test — claiming the steroid found in his system this week was not consumed with the intention to cheat. 

“I just wanted to take the time out to apologize to the fans for what is going on,” Jones said in a video posted Sunday night … “It’s a situation that’s completely out of my control.”

In case you didn’t know … officials found traces of the steroid Turinabol while testing Jones for his upcoming fight against Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 232 on Dec. 29. 

But, officials from the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) have essentially said the traces found in JJ’s system were TINY — and likely leftovers from when he tested positive in 2017. 

Still, the Nevada State Athletic Commission would not let Jones fight in Vegas — but he got the green light in California … so, Dana White and the UFC relocated the event to L.A. 

Some people (including UFC fighters) are furious — claiming they already made plans, bought tickets, hotel rooms, airplane tickets, etc. 

In his video, Jones acknowledges the situation is messed up but claims he didn’t take any PEDs and never intended for this to happen.

“This is a situation that is completely out of my control … but I still will man up and apologize for this happening.”

“I realize there’s a lot of people who lost out in the situation … people came from Sweden, people came from Brazil … I feel your frustration.”

Jones says he’s trying to make things right — and has paid for hotel rooms and airplane tickets for some people — but insists, “This is not a mistake I made.”

Jon’s rival Daniel Cormier ain’t buying JJ’s excuses — tweeting out, “He tested positive again!”


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