LeBron James Would Get ROCKED on 'The Challenge' … Says Former Winner (VIDEO)


2/7/2017 4:30 PM PST


Who’s got the balls to talk trash to LeBron James???? (besides Charles Barkley) … how about the GREATEST competitor in the history of “The Challenge!!!”

TMZ Sports spoke with ‘Challenge’ legend Johnny Bananas … who’s DOMINATED on the MTV show for years … and he strongly believes LeBron wouldn’t stand a chance in his world.

FYI, “The Challenge” is a bunch of hot dudes and chicks who party their faces off and sometimes bang each other at night … and then go to war in grueling physical competitions during the day. New season premieres tonight. 

It’s crazy … these people are legit athletes. 

So, we asked Johnny how a world-class physical specimen like LeBron would hold up.  He ain’t too confident in the King. 


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