Master P Says LiAngelo Should Go Back To School, LaVar Was Wrong


Master P

LiAngelo Should Go Back To School

… LaVar Don’t Know It All

6/23/2018 12:20 AM PDT


LaVar Ball doesn’t know it all, and the proof is that LiAngelo didn’t get drafted … so says Master P,who tells TMZ Sports he thinks Gelo should go back to school.

LiAngelo didn’t hear his name called draft night … leaving some to wonder what’s next for the kid, who LaVar promised would one day join Lonzo on the Lakers.

We got P out in L.A. and he made it clear he thinks it was a mistake for Gelo to leave UCLA in the first place, and told our guy he thinks the 19-year-old should hightail it back to Westwood.

“I mean if he can, I would go back.”

P wasn’t finished … saying he thinks the fact that he’s currently without a basketball team should be a wake-up call to LiAngelo … about his father.

“It just show you that Lavar don’t have that magic ball like he thought he had.”

FWIW, we talked to LaVar and he told us he still expects Gelo to get signed to a free agent deal, but we gotta admit, Big Baller Brand basketball has seen better days.


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