Nickelback's Chad Kroeger Sings to Phoenix Suns' Alan Williams


Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger

Serenades Phoenix Suns’ Alan Williams

Reminds Him He Still Rocks

4/10/2018 12:20 AM PDT


Chad Kroeger and Phoenix Suns power forward Alan Williams walk into an Arizona bar, and you can guess what happens next … a one-on-one serenade sesh down memory lane! 

The Nickelback frontman and Suns star were spotted hanging together last week at the Bottled Blonde bar and grill in Scottsdale, AZ, where Chad reminded Al of just who he really was by crooning the first few lines of the band’s smash hit, “How You Remind Me.” 

It wasn’t long before Alan started singing along, and then lauching into a full-on 2001 teen rock body thrash. He also appeared to be in disbelief that Chad was actually there with him … nothing says “OMG, Chad Kroeger is singing to me!” like what Alan’s doing here. No shame, buddy.

And just for old times’ sake … here it is again. Try to resist jamming out, if you dare. 


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