Shaq vs. Big Show WrestleMania Bout In Jeopardy … 'Not Looking Good' (Audio)


2/28/2017 2:57 PM PST

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Shaquille O’Neal says his highly anticipated showdown with Big Show at Wrestlemania 33 is “not looking good” … insinuating negotiations with WWE are falling apart. 

Shaq and Big Show have been hyping up the battle of the big men for MONTHS — and it seemed both guys had agreed to face off on April 2. 

But the NBA legend went on his “Big Shaq” podcast and said it’s definitely NOT a done deal … but made it clear, “It ain’t my fault.”

Shaq says there’s still a chance it goes down and he’s still gonna train for it — sooo is this for real or is he just building suspense?? 

Stay tuned … 

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