Steph Curry Inks Up His Personal Tattoo Artist


Steph Curry

Inks Up Personal Tattoo Artist

11/20/2018 9:46 AM PST

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We all knew Steph Curry‘s clutch under pressure … but the dude just took it to a whole ‘nother level … getting behind the needle and inkin’ up his own personal tattoo artist!!

The Golden State Warriors superstar met up with the guy behind his body art — Zebra Tattoo artist Nino Lapid — on Monday night … giving him one hell of a birthday present …


Lapid is the same guy commissioned for a private tat sesh for the Curry fam after the Warriors beat up on the Cavs last year … so they’re a really tight group.

It’s not every day you get tatted by a 2-time NBA MVP … but that’s not all that went down last night — Steph’s wife, Ayesha, and teammate Damion Lee got in on the fun too!!

Luckily for Nino … it looks like Steph’s hand was as steady as his shot.


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