Tyson Beckford Sued Over Excercise Equipment


12/31/2016 8:31 AM PST


1230-tyson-beckford-tmzTyson Beckford is selling exercise equipment — the Beckford bar — but the company he partnered  with hooked up with a different bar — the California state bar — and they’re taking the stud to court.

Tyson made a deal with Cisco to hawk the product, and of course Tyson was the face and body that was tailor-made to move units.

Cisco says in a new lawsuit the product did well … but  Tyson left it holding the bag by not getting out there and promoting the sale of additional units. 

But we’re told Tyson made it clear to Cisco  … the deal was for him to sell 2,000 units and he never agreed to more, so if the company screwed up by buying too many Beckford Bars, it has itself to blame.

The product’s still on sale online, for $99.95.



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