Vikings Star Kyle Rudolph — We're Not Screwed … Thanks To Sam Bradford (VIDEO)



Great news, Vikings fans, the season ain’t totally doomed with Teddy Bridgewater on the shelf, ’cause new QB Sam Bradford‘s already lightin’ it up.

TMZ Sports spoke to Pro Bowl TE Kyle Rudolph, who says only a few practices in, it’s already clear, “why [Bradford’s] a former Heisman trophy winner and a first overall pick.”

So, what’s been S.B.’s biggest issue in Minnesota? Learning a fat NFL playbook in such a short time.

“It’s a steep learning curve when you come into a new offense and you have a new playbook, so his head was spinning a little early. Each and everyday, things have slowed down for him.”

Check out the clip!

If you’re more Fighting Irish than Viking … Kyle’s part of a dope package that includes ND football tix, a private jet, his old off-campus pad!


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