Warrick Dunn Disappointed In NFL's Travis Scott Pick, Shoulda Been An Atlanta Artist!


Warrick Dunn

NFL’s Travis Scott Pick??

… Disappointing

12/31/2018 12:40 AM PST


Warrick Dunn says the NFL missed a huge opportunity by picking Travis Scott for its Super Bowl halftime show … saying it shoulda been an Atlanta artist instead.

The former Falcons RB tells TMZ Sports he’s got no issues with the “SICKO MODE” rapper … but says an ATL legend could have had a much bigger impact during the SB show.

“Atlanta has its own unique feel,” Dunn says.

Warrick tells us the plan from the start shoulda been to have Outkast be the headliner — with other ATL music legends like T.I. and Jermaine Dupri joining them on stage.

“You show them the flavor of the history of all the great music that was produced that helped propel young careers today.”

Dunn added that show could have “Showed America what really good music could be.”

As for Travis Scott … Dunn says he doesn’t blame the guy for accepting the NFL’s offer in the wake of the the Colin Kaepernick drama — saying it was a good business move for the rapper.


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