Whitney Cummings Says Blake Griffin Will Win An Oscar


Whitney Cummings

Blake Griffin Will Win An Oscar

… For Sure

3/25/2018 12:20 AM PDT


Move over Kobe Bryant … you’re gonna have some company on the “NBA Players with an Academy Award” list … because Whitney Cummings says Blake Griffin is a shoo-in to get one, too.

Cummings directed Blake in her new movie, “The Female Brain,” and when we got her leaving the Improv in Hollywood, we had to know if she thought Griffin had the talent to get a gold guy.

“I think Blake Griffin will win an Oscar in his lifetime, for sure.”

Important to note … Cummings — who is a big-time creative boss in addition to her stand-up comedy — DIDN’T HESITATE when proclaiming this, so it’s clear she 100% believes in Griffin’s talent.

Hear that Kobe? He’s coming for you.


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