Bill Cosby's Sex Offender Treatment Depends on Danger Level


Bill Cosby

Sex Offender Rehab

Depends on Danger Level

9/30/2018 1:00 AM PDT


As Bill Cosby settles into life behind bars, the convicted comedian will undergo a rigorous evaluation to determine the extent of his sex offender treatment … and it all hinges on how much of a danger he poses.

Cosby will go through a program called Responsible Living: A Sex Offender Treatment Program … something all sex offenders must complete as part of their sentence.

There are seven phases …

— Phase 1: Responsibility Taking

— Phase 2: Behavioral Techniques

— Phase 3: Emotional Well-Being

— Phase 4: Victim Empathy

— Phase 5: Anger Management

— Phase 6: Sex Education

— Phase 7: Relapse Prevention

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, Cosby will go through an evaluation process to determine what category of risk he falls in and what sort of treatment is deemed fit in the state sex offender program. 

If he falls into a moderate-high or a high-risk category, he’ll have to complete all 7 phases of the sex offender program. If he falls into a low or low-moderate risk category, he’s just required to knock out Responsibility Taking, Sex Education and Relapse Prevention.


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