IndyCar Drivers Alex Rossi & Conor Daly: NASCAR Drivers Get More Chicks Than Us


IndyCar’s Alex Rossi & Conor Daly

NASCAR Drivers Get More Chicks

… But That Might Change!!

1/8/2018 12:45 AM PST


Wanna know the difference between IndyCar and NASCAR?

Indycar studs Alex Rossi and Conor Daly broke it down for us … telling TMZ Sports there are 2 fundamental differences beyond the types of cars they race.

1) NASCAR drivers make more money and 2) they get more chicks (because of #1). 

But things are looking up for Conor and Alex — ’cause they’re one of the teams on the new season of “The Amazing Race“!

And they didn’t get eliminated on the first show … which is more than some people in our office can say! 


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