Zion Williamson Gets Investment Advice From 'Shark Tank' Star Kevin O'Leary


Zion Williamson

Investment Advice

From ‘Shark Tank’ Star

6/9/2019 12:10 AM PDT


Zion Williamson is about to be an instant millionaire … and who better than “Shark Tank” star and wealthy businessman Kevin O’Leary to give the future NBA superstar some investment advice!!!

So grab a pen and paper, Zion … ’cause Mr. Wonderful is about to give you a crash course in being rich AF.

— Hire an advisor to handle all the boring stuff … “over time, build a real estate portfolio, some really boring bonds and some large cap to the pink stocks.” … whatever that means.

— NO ENTOURAGE … sorry, Drama and Turtle — O’Leary says it’s better to keep your circles small …”Walk around with 2 people, not 20. Most of the money goes to people you forget after a while … support your mother, not your friends!!”

— Look rich … “You want a sharp suit,” O’Leary says. “Get a great watch … If you wear an Apple Watch, you’re 20-percent off retail when you start, before you’ve said anything. You wanna show them the designed flair and that gives you market value that people will want to advertise with you.”

There you have it, Zion. All the keys to success from a very, very, very rich man.


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